LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION for Compassionate Cup Ministries: A Voice for the Voiceless

“I wish to give my written support and affirmation for the work of Compassionate Cup Ministries: A Voice for the Voiceless. This ministry has been a wonderful therapeutic resource for the interdenominational Christian Community in Nova Scotia. Many people, men and women who have no-where else to go for understanding in their situation of abuse, or deep sadness of grief. This ministry resource fills a gap that was otherwise empty. I have been concerned at the lack of understanding that abused people are sometimes met with when they go to their pastor. Some pastors seem to be so out of their depth when it comes to issues of sexual abuse and domestic violence and even though they don’t mean to, they sometimes really hurt the person in their lack of understanding. This ministry provides education for those pastors who are also concerned about their lack of knowledge. It is important for people in the Christian church to have the kind of help that addresses their spiritual needs as well as their emotional and psychological needs. This ministry provides telephone crisis counselling that reaches all of the Maritimes and often beyond, it provides localised workshops and support groups and the front-line worker will even travel to a distant town if a group requests this. I can wholeheartedly recommend Compassionate Cup Ministries: A Voice for the Voiceless as a worthy recipient to receive a grant.” 


Margie Cole

Digby, Nova Scotia

Friday November 5th, 2010

(Name and Address and Telephone Number  Supplied)