WHY WE LEFT THE CHURCH: People need us to say “We are so sorry” in order to speed up their healing.

  This article is so important at this time of year as we gather round altars to remember the earthly birth of our Lord and Saviour. Many people are grieving the loss of safety, for many reasons, that they have experienced in their own congregations, past and present.    Saying “Sorry” and to say why we are saying “sorry,”  is something that we, as Christians,  need to learn how to do. Research has shown that too many churches are emptying at record speed in this generation, more than any other generation, because people today are searching for the ‘real deal’ when it comes to spirituality, and recognise when something is not as it should be. A slew of ‘broken souls’ are being left by the side of the road as we pass by ‘on the other side’ (Luke 10:29-36). We need to take stock and not be afraid and say, “I’m so sorry”. Jesus asked for the forgiveness of all of us when he hung on the cross, especially those of us who still haven’t said, “Sorry,” on behalf of the church, or even deliberate or inadvertent hurting actions towards others. Not everyone leaves the church because they have given up on God. It is tragically, sometimes, self-preservation. But thank goodness there is Christ’s universal Church of believers, whether they are inside or outside of a church building; maybe in a home, or a cafe, or a shopping mall, or even a street corner. If you are one of those who felt the need to leave the church for self-preservation; for your own safety; or for the safety of those you love, PLEASE DON’T BE ALONE! Let’s get together and build a place where we can safely fall. Let’s work at dong what we can to get safe church communities going; places where we ALL admit that we are far from perfect; that Christ was the only perfect person to walk this earth after the Fall; and that it is only with the covering of Christ’s perfection that we are able to pray direct to God; places where people who are known to hurt others WILL be held accountable; places where we will FORGET about possible litigation and dare to say, “I’m so sorry.” I am far from perfect and cannot promise that I will never hurt anyone, but I do promise to say “I’m sorry” if I find that I have hurt anyone. Do you want to start a House Church with me, REAL and VIRTUAL? (If there are geographic challenges). Now I just want to add two things. 1. Before I get a slew of comments about putting the church down, please note that I am part of the Church. And 2. I have not said, “All churches,” but have said, “Too many churches.” LET’S CONNECT and continue building paces of refuge (Isaiah 61:1-3) in which to set the captives free (Luke 4:8) and get the harvest in (Matthew 9:37) IF YOU ARE HURTING, PLEASE LOOK UP THIS WEBSITE. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!   http://redemptionpictures.com/2013/08/01/why-we-left-the-church/