INTERDENOMINATIONAL Service of Spiritual Reconciliation and Healing

INTERDENOMINATIONAL Service of Spiritual Reconciliation and Healing at Bear River Advent Christian Church at 3.00pm on Sunday June 21st 2009.

Please come out and support those who have suffered Abuse and Traumatic Grief and Loss.

If you would like to participate by lighting a CANDLE OF REMEMBRANCE for someone who lost their life to abuse, or lighting a CANDLE OF VICTORY for personal healing then please contact Pastor Marion Duncan Tel: (902) 678 4033 Email: email hidden; JavaScript is required


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Well it’s that time again. Once again Compassionate Cup Ministries has been asked to facilitate an Interdenominational Service of Spiritual Reconciliation and Healing. Candles of remembrance will be lit for those who have lost their lives to abuse and candles will be lit to celebrate victory over healing for those who apply and make arrangements with me before the church service. The service will culminate with the whole congregation being invited to come forward and light a candle of support for all those who are currently experiencing abuse and oppression. Also, as indicated by the title of the service, there will be an altar call to invite God to be part of a person’s healing, and even anointing with oil if that is requested.
There will be counsellors in attendance, should a person wish to touch base before they go home. This will be a very low emotional key service, facilitated with gentleness so as to promote a ‘safe’ atmosphere. There will be no explicit details of any abuse from the pulpit. This will be a Scripturally based, ‘regular’ style church service that will focus on the Church as a Place of Refuge.  The titles of different deep hurts will be named from the pulpit (in order to give a feeling of ‘inclusion’ for those who may have felt emotionally ‘excluded’ in the past) along with the Church’s Biblical obligation to ‘be there’ for people who are applying for release from whatever holds them captive, according to Luke 4:18.
Some of you who read this probably live too far away to attend so please see this as a way of asking for your prayer support. Others of you will, I hope, download the poster, or take the information from the wording above (for those who cannot open the attachments) and for us to ‘spread the word.’ This only tends to happen once a year and there have been requests for this service for several months now. Too often we have heard after the fact, “If only I had known, I would have been there.” However, please know that if this is something that you would like to take place at your place of worship or with your housechurch or bible study group, this is something that can be very private on a small scale or public as this service will be. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of service in any way.
If you are able to put a community advertisement in a local newspaper or on the local radio, or CBC and if you are in a financial position to put a paid advertisement in a newspaper, please let the rest of us know so that we don’t duplicate. I will be bringing some printed out posters to Bear River this weekend to pass out to people to spread around the local churches. If you print the poster in colour it looks much better. The most important thing is to let as many people know that this is going to take place. There are so many hurting people ‘out there’.
Many blessings!
In Christ’s love
Click below for the poster:
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