The Pope’s apology, though healing for some survivors, is also an anomaly for others in light of the fact that Catholic funding is upholding the lawyers who are battling in the courts to oppose the setting aside of the Statute of Limitations for the thousands of child sexual abuse offenses that the church swept under the carpet. It was the actions of the Catholic Church that blocked the ability of the victims to bring legal action against the predators in the first place and now the Catholic Church is utilizing that same legal system that they previously blocked, to prevent the predators from finally being held accountable.  Those priests who are still alive are still able to harm other children and those predators who are currently ‘out there’ still harming children, are still likely to get their situations swept under the carpet should their be any current disclosures. All survivors of these crimes deserve God-given justice to heal their broken souls and restore a more loving representation of who our God really is. 


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