Pastor Marion’s comments on a great article on the CBE website

A Prayer for Action for Egalitarian Women: This ‘tongue in tooth’ title is so revealing as to what female pastors have to pt up with from other church leaders and their church members. Please the comments on this site. Pastor Marion has challenged two of the negative ones and the discussion went back and forth in a way that I believe demonstrates 1. People don’t read very carefully 2. People hear and read and understand through their prejudice and preconceived ideas, even when this is respectfully pointed out. Then their pride takes over and refuses to let the person listen to reason. To listen to reason means going back on all of our previous mistaken opinions that we may have held for many years, forcing us to re-examine our whole life. This takes courage and humility, both of which are necessary for us to remain teachable and useful to the Church.  This is a time when, as hard as it may seem, those of us who ‘get it’ need to be gentle with those who will destroy us, so that, even if they don’t hear our words and reasoning, they may remember our demeanour, and maybe, just maybe, they may hear the whisper of the Holy Spirit in their ear asking for them to get back to God, instead of being trapped in the ‘Traditions of Men” that the scriptures warn us about, “You abandon the commandment of God and hold to human tradition, Then He said to them, ‘You have a fine way of rejecting the commandment of God in order to keep your tradition!” (Mark 7:8,9) May God protect us from ever tuning ourselves out of Godly correction and caring that will enable us to serve others more comprehensibly.


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