Services We Provide

Inspired by Luke 4:18, Isaiah. 61, and Psalm. 147

The Church as a Place of Refuge: a response to Matthew 11:28
Theologically sound, Biblically based, comprehensive strategic empowerment of the Body of Christ to hold up to it’s responsibility to be a place of refuge; to be a safe place for the hurting(Isaiah 25:4,5); the utilisation of the gifts of life’s experiences (2Cor.1:4);Bible studies, action plans, commissioning of individual gifts for ministry, partnerships with secular helping agencies, Child Abuse Prevention.

Healthy Relationships for Youth/Adults
Healthy relationships; mutual love and respect (Genesis 1:27, Ephesians 5:21, Galatians 3:28). Promoting our uniqueness and value as a Child of God; valuing our body as sacred; our gift to give to give within the sanctity of marriage; providing sound information on sexually transmitted diseases, how to recognise signs abuse before marriage; how to be healthily assertive as a child of God to avoid negative peer pressure.

Crisis Intervention Strategies for Pastors
For situations of domestic violence, disclosure of sexual abuse, disclosure of sexual assault. Knowledge of the dynamics of abuse and how to avoid causing Secondary Trauma. We, as Pastors, often find ourselves in the unenviable situation of being approached by both the perpetrator and the victim at the same time. “Safety and Accountability,” according to the example of Jesus in his crisis intervention of the woman caught in adultery (John 8:2-11), is the approach taken.

 Self-Examination of Prejudices and Preconceived Ideas
Multicultural and sub-cultural identities are ‘visited’ through the people of those cultures themselves. The concept of White Racial Identity is introduced.  The dangers of Stereotyping are also examined.

Spiritual Reconciliation & Healing
Facilitation of church services of Spiritual Reconciliation and Healing. The issues are respectfully and sensitively addressed without the use of explicit details of abuse in order to avoid vicarious trauma and to avoid any ‘opening up’ of those already hurting. Crisis Counsellors are in attendance to ensure emotional safety and are made available for consult after the service.

Regular Worship Service Presentations
For the general congregation; reverent, scriptural, and includes a children’s story. ‘Talk-back’ after the church service, over refreshments.

Community Presentations
For churches, community groups, schools, colleges and universities for the purpose of promoting understanding  and needs of people of the Christian faith.

We hope to offer a 24hr. Crisis Line in due course.

We are a non-profit agency that operates on a “needs basis” only. This resource has been in continuous demand, in one way or another since 2003, as people hear about it.  Our Board of directors and our members at large  include three pastors. Our growing interdenominational membership affiliation so far is Wesleyan, Baptist, Advent Christian, Anglican,  Seventh Day Adventist, Non-Denominational, Roman Catholic and some for whom Compassionate Cup Ministries is their church. Our ultimate goal is that one day we will no longer be needed as a separate entity and that this work will, once again be comprehensibly recognised as part of what ’church’ is.

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