Is Someone You Know Hurting?

This is a ministry of the Church that recognises, believes and supports those in situations of deep hurt. The following represent those who have been served by this ministry so far:

  • Women  and men who  have  experienced   domestic  violence
  • Those who knew a loved one who  died because of abuse and  oppression
  • Those who weren’t believed  or protected
  • Survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Those who  suffered elder abuse
  • Those who  have experienced rape
  • Those who  lost their baby because  of  abuse.
  • All who grieve the loss of a child
  • Children who have been abused by  those who should have loved them  the most
  • Spiritual abuse
  • Non-offending parents of sexually abused children
  • Those who suffer Secondary Trauma  at the hands of unenlightened “helpers”
Let’s reach out to each other as the Body of Christ and let the Lord work!